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Ms. Liu

Fifth Grade  ~  Room 3

~  The Brier community will ensure high levels of learning for all students in a safe and positive environment. 


Email Address:
Phone number:  (510) 657-5020, ext. 23003
Best times to call: Before 8:10 a.m. and after 2:45 p.m.

Please feel free to email, leave a voice mail message, or send a written note with your child.  I usually reply within 24 hours.  Students are welcome to see me at the beginning of recess or right after school if they have a question or a problem they need my help to solve.  Thank you.


Every school year is a new and enriching experience.  Each of us brings into our classroom our own personal backgrounds, experiences, personalities, and preferences.  It's essential that we welcome and value each other's differences.

I aim to help students build and strengthen our classroom community so that everyone can feel more comfortable sharing their ideas and questions and encouraging each other's growth.  In a safe and caring environment, we'll work together as we reach our goals and personal excellence.  No one should have to feel they're in a race or competition against others to learn and achieve.  As lifelong learners and community-builders, we'll listen to each other, share our thinking, express our wishes or frustrations, and feel confident that we can support each other's strengths and needs.

I've been teaching in Fremont Unified School District since 2003.  For 15 years, I taught at Forest Park in the third, fifth, and sixth grades.  Since 2018, I've been excited to join the Brier community and continue learning and growing.  I enjoy collaborating with colleagues to plan for instruction, learning, and school activities.  I love getting to know our students and working together to help them build on their strengths and reach their goals.  Trust and open communication are essential, so I encourage students and families to contact me if they have questions or concerns.