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Assignments and Homework

The minimum amount of homework for 2nd grade is

10-30 minutes per evening or 40-120 minutes per week. Homework will come home 4 days a week (Monday - Thursday). These homework minutes exclude required, independent reading time which is 15 minutes per evening. If your child fails to complete his/her homework for the day, he/ahe will go to the Homework Responsibility Center at lunchtime to complete his/her homework. 

In addition, Room 21 is participating in the San Jose Sharks' "Reading is Cool" Reading Program. Your child just needs to log each book he/she has read during the month and write the title of the book and number of pages each book had. This reading log is mandatory, it replaces the weekly reading log used in the past.

Monthly a student from our classroom will receive a reading award. Awards are awarded on one's participation in the program, as well as one's participation in the Accelerator Reading Program at Brier. If we are lucky, Sharkie will come visit our class.