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STAFF EMAIL - Use - - no need to create new Gmail account
Posted 7/1/19

Gmail is on.


No need to create new Gmail account.

Please double check Spam Folder.

For the foreseeable future WILL WORK as an address - just log in to Google with


Video Explaining how to Sign in


You have full access to your fusdk12 account on Gmail.

Here are directions for adding your account to your iphone or android phone​. Please note: there are many variables for Android phones; you may wish to search for setting up gmail on your specific model of phone.

There will be a button/link on District and school websites so you can click and login to your account (or you can go to (an example is

Password that you use for FUSDK12/GAFE


Please call the FUSD Tech Helpdesk at 510-659-2575 (or 12611) if you do not know your password for FUSDK12/Google account. After we verify it is you, we will reset your password.

  • You will have the ability to view your emails in Outlook after August 1, 2019. You will login as you usually would to view emails you received prior to August 1. You will not be able to send emails from Outlook beginning August 1.
  • If you have any emails in the Baracuda quarantine (for suspected SPAM received prior to August 1), you can still login to the filter at using your Outlook login and password. Mail received after August 1 will not go through the Baracuda filter.
  • If your older emails are archived on Netmail/Netgovern, those emails will still be available to you. Login at http://narchive.district.fusd:8888/ with your Outlook login and password. You can print out any emails you need for future reference.



If you are logged in to a personal gmail account, there are ways to add your account. This guide has been created by Google and gives full instructions. Another simpler option is to have two different browsers open on your computer, one for your personal (you can use a browser such Firefox) and one for your account (you can use a browser such as Chrome).
The standard view within gmail may look a little different than your Outlook webmail. If you would like to set up a Preview Pane (for reading an entire email) try this. Look for this icon above your list of messages:

Click on the arrow and choose Vertical split. You will notice a preview pane has opened to the right. Now select an email in the list to the left to view in the preview pane.



More Info: Email - Change from Outlook to Gmail